My abilities

  • Evaluating talent
  • ​Extensive development experience
  • ​Educating/training teachers to be their best
  • Embracing outside thinking
  • Empowering staff to accomplish goals
  • ​Enhancing existing infrastructure, maximizing usage of staff, facilities, and resources by thinking outside of the box


  • Oversee construction of new STEAM building
  • Raise funds for construction and completion of 32,000 sq.ft. building
  • Secured 7 million dollars in funding for STEAM building
  • Oversaw Knights Annual Fund which raised an additional 1.5 million for financial aid

May 2015-2023




  • Founded the school with 15 students and grew it to 200+ in three years.
  • Acquired temporary locations for 3 years before we bought property and built our permanent location.
  • Responsible for all phases of this school.  Led the marketing, HR, as well as taught several classes.  
  • Took the school through accreditation in the 6th year.
  • Worked as a consultant for the school after leaving.

August 2023-Present

  • Led both the middle school and high school, 600+ students
  • Led a large international program of 120 students
  • Managed a positive budget for 9 years in a row
  • Raised major gifts for Chemistry lab remodel
  • Secured gifts for tuition assistance
  • Led the school through accreditation
  • Managed 70+ employees

Scott Meadows

Aletheia Christian academy

Founding Head of School

The King's academy

Director of Advancement

  • Manages 23 million dollar budget
  • Lead a team of 13 direct reports, 150 staff, and 952 students
  • Solicits major donations.  In first year raised over 1 million
  • Raised 1.35 million in 2017 and 2018, 1.5 million in 2019 
  • Managed school through Covid19 pandemic with surplus of over 2 million
  • Implemented a successful one to one program.
  • Built the new athletic turf field 
  • Built a JH Multi-purpose field
  • Renovated the theater with new painting, 550 theater style seating, and 1.5 million dollar air conditioning.
  • Led the school in their first ever strategic planning process
  • Surplus of $600,000 in 206-17, 2018, 2019 school year (Bonuses awarded to stafff each year
  • Finished a tennis court complex addition
  • Led TKA through successful navigation of Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining 94% re-enrollment

The King's academy

Head of School

Christian unified Schools of San Diego

7-12 Grade Principal